Stoeger M3000 mods for 3 Gun

3 Gun Mods

I've made the following modifications on the Stoeger M3000:

Taking It Apart

Taking the shotgun apart is the first step to modding the shotgun. The Stoeger manual provides step-by-step instructions for disassembly. You will need a few tools:

  • set of pin punches (1/8", 3/32", 1/16")
  • 4 oz brass hammer
  • pliers
  • gunsmithing bench block (optional)

Follow the instructions to remove the barrel forend assembly. The bolt handle holds the action bar in place; you will need pliers to remove the bolt handle. Wrap the bolt handle with a rag to prevent the pliers from scratching it.

Follow the instructions to remove the trigger group. Push the trigger guard pin holding the trigger group from left to right.

Remove carrier latch by using a 3/32" punch to push out the carrier latch pin. The carrier latch will come out, be mindful of the carrier latch spring and carrier latch pin clip.

Remove the magazine tube using either a strap wrench or a pipe wrench. Remember to wrap the magazine tube with a rag to prevent from scratching the tube.

Opening the Loading Port

Opening the loading port has been covered many times in Youtube videos. Here are tips on on how I did it:

  • Use a hand file to remove most of the material. I resisted the temptation to use a Dremel to remove the material because it's too easy for the Dremel to skate or remove top much material in one area. It takes longer, but you have more control.
  • Files only cut one way. Don't saw a file back and forth, this clogs up the cutting teeth with shavings.
  • Don't use masking tape to mark off the area to be filed. You can see a long scratch mark where I pulled back too far and cut into the receiver. Use electrical tape or something stronger than masking tape.
  • Use a Dremel to polish the surface. Once you have the port opened, use a dremel to polish the tool marks left by the file. Use progressive grits of sandpaper and make sure to bevel the edges. Finish the surface with polishing rouge.

Add an Oversized Safety

The safety on the M3000 is stiff and adding a safety button with extra surface for added leverage is helpful for a fast start.