Awkward Day

Today was Awkward Shooting Position Day combined with the on going Noshootpalooza.

The basic setup is simple, two barrels stacked on top of each other with in front of a shooting box. Three no shoot targets at 7 yards with one of the targets partially obscured by another barrel stack. Later, I add a low port to work on my gravitational challenge.

The drill begins with both hands on the barrels. On the beep, draw and engage targets from behind the barrel stack. Par time is 4 seconds. This drill forces you to lean around the barrel stack similar to a Bianchi wall.

The second drill adds a low port to engage the target behind the barrel stack, forcing you to crouch down while leaning out to engage the target.

The third drill is similar to the second drill but the low port has been moved to the right side of the barrel stack, forcing you to engage the two noshoots from a crouched position.

The objective of these drills is to make a tight shot while leaning out and to make a tight shot from a low port without dropping into a kneeling position. I can combine this with another drill and practice exiting from the low port to another position.

Overall results were not bad in terms of accuracy, only 3 no shoots out of 108 rounds. However, I failed to make par time with 8.34 seconds as my best time for the low port drills and 5.6 seconds without the low port.

I set the par time based on being able to consistently shoot all alphas at 3 targets at 7 yards from a shooting box in 3 seconds. Although it is difficult to reach a par time of 4 seconds on these drills, it is a goal that I'm working towards.