On the eve of my first USPSA Level III tournament, I'm finally writing my first post.

Getting Started

Originally, I was going to write about my path to Brownell's Lady 3 Gun. I had taken numerous photos with the changes I made to my rifle and shotgun plus a number of gear related posts.

However, a borked iPhone update and my reluctance to buy more space in iCloud deleted my carefully posed photos of bits and parts. I saved a few so they will eventually make it in a later post.

My original plan also webt awry because I switched to shooting major power factor in USPSA. I did this because I rescored my 2013 matches as if I shot major power factor and I was closer to moving up from a Class D shooter to Class C.

Bad move. Mastering shooting .40 was tougher than I thought. So last month, I dropped back to shooting 9mm minor and I'm doing better.

So here I am, shooting the USPSA Area 4 Championship in two days. Thirteen stages. All. In. One. Day.

What was I thinking?