Savage Mark II Project

I started this project last year when I picked up a Savage Mark II FV. It was a heavy barrel model with and AccuTrigger and polymer stock that's sized for a 10 year old. The Mark II's seem to have a reputation ranging from unable to shoot a decent group to dime sized groups at 50 yards. I took a chance on it anyway when it was on super sale. I also picked up an unfinished Boyd's Pro Varmint stock (also known as the 'tacticool' stock) and a Bushnell Legend Ultra HD 4.5-14x44mm in mildot. To complete it, I also ordered a MKII Trigger Guard/ Bottom Metal "E" receiver "Deluxe Kit" from Diversified Innovative Products (the only thing I purchased that wasn't on sale).

When I assembled it, I was a little worried about the fit and inletting because the barrel was touching one side of the stock. However, when I tightened the receiver to the stock, it came into alignment and I can run a business card along the sides of the barrel. I'll shoot it for now to get a baseline on how it performs but ultimately this project is about learning about pillar and glass bedding and of course shooting more accurately.