Let's be friends

Dear shotgun,

Let's be friends again. I know I just put you in the safe after I got DQ'd at that match where you didn't even get to show your stuff. Truth is that I was a bit embarrassed and pissed that I spent several months practicing and getting to know you oh so well only to go home on the first stage. And yes I did keep passing on you every time I went to grab that flirty chrome and wood Italian pistol, but those matches are done and now it's time to rock 3gun. Yes, I deserve that bite on my thumb from your liftgate and the bruise from not shouldering you correctly because I was in too much of a hurry to beat the timer. I also apologize for feeding you those 2 3/4 dram shells but those are what we had. I'll take the blame for those FTEs. The good news is that I've ordered a whole new batch of 3 dram shells. We have a match in less than a month, so let's get back to where we were and make it better.